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Music in the Cafe

The Cafe music program

Students from elective music classes perform regularly at the school cafe to:

  • gain experience performing in real life settings;
  • improve individual performance confidence;
  • improve ensemble skills in a variety of performance venues;
  • showcase talent and skill developed in class to bring enjoyment to others.

Students in the music classes participate in a roster system of weekly performance in the cafe.  This gives students an opportunity to showcase their talent individually and in ensembles and provide enjoyment to to ot.  Students across the school have the opportunity to hear a variety of music styles and instruments and encourage their peers whilst they drink their coffee and milkshakes.


"I enjoy sharing my music with others and making them happy."  Rachael, Year 11

"It makes me happy to see people relaxing and enjoying the sounds that we make together."  Melaia, Year 11

The cafe is open weekdays recess.

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