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The Cafe

The school café is an initiative that was first established in 2003 as a coffee shop that would open one day a week and be operated as a business run by the students.

Over the years the café has evolved into a social hub that is an integral part of daily school life.  It is now a space where students can staff can mingle and purchase a range of cakes and beverages prepared and served by the students while enjoying live musical performances presented by music students and coordinated by the Creative and Performing Arts Faculty.

Opening times

Mondays,  Recess  All staff and students

Tuesdays,  Recess  All staff and students

Wednesdays,  Before School  All staff and students

Thursdays,  Pre-ordered delivery only

Fridays,  Recess  Staff only.

Students who wish to join the café team have to demonstrate their reliability and commitment by attending the weekly café management meetings.  Once students have been rostered for duty, the students receive on the job training and can assume more responsible positions as they learn the many facets of the café operations. Membership of the café team is open to all students in all years.  The student have the opportunity to learn a range of skills that can be used after school in a variety of different settings.

Working in the café involves the students to participate in the decision making process involved in running a business.  Students have to care for absent students, train new members of the team and allocate duties.  Students learn about the importance of reliability, punctuality and working as part of a team.

Students who join the café team are trained in all aspects of the operation of the café.  This includes making milkshakes, iced drinks, hot chocolate and a range of espresso based café drinks as well as conducting the routine maintenance of the coffee machine and grinder.  All students have the opportunity to lean to operate the cash register, restock supplies, wash dishes and prepare the operation for business.

One senior student assumes the responsibility for preparation of the staff roster taking into account training level and experience and availability of students involved in the café. Some of the students also assume the responsibility for stock take, ordering of stock, looking after the laundry needs for the café, setting and adjusting the grinder, organising the presentation of food, preparing staff delivery orders and organising the settling of accounts.  Senior students take on responsibility of training younger members of the café.

Being part of the café is fun and a great opportunity to learn new skills and develop confidence as well as make new friends while working as a team.


... I joined the café at the start of term 1.  I like being in the café because I get to talk to and catch up with teachers when they visit the café ... (Zainab)

... I joined the café because I want to learn new things and have an experience that I can use for later life ... (Diana)

... I joined the café because I wanted to learn new things like customer service, making coffee.  I fee really proud and happy to be a part of the café because I like to service people and to learn new things. The café is amazing and it is the best part of my day... (Rachand)

... I joined the café to meet new people from different years. It has helped me gain new skills and will help me guide my decision for the future. The café members have become part of the family through the warm and comfortable atmosphere of the café ...  (Mylinh)

... I love being in the café as I have made lots of new friends and have similar interests to me.  We have become like my second family ... (Natasha)

... I joined to café to get new experiences serving customers and making drinks. I have gained a lot of confidence and I have so many good memories.  We are like one big multicultural family ... (Sara)

... I have really enjoyed working in the café as I have met many new people and have had many new experiences. The café is a very warm and friendly environment ... (Nitika)

... The café is a very warm and friendly place. Members of the café have become close friends. I also enjoy getting to know the teachers who I would have never talked to without the café ... (Monica)

... I joined the café because I wanted to learn new things. My experience has been amazing and interesting at the same time. I have made new friends with girls from other years. We have fun working together and we make the best coffee! ... (Nabilah)

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