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Student wellbeing programs

At Liverpool Girls High School, the wellbeing of students is a high priority and it is appreciated that positive wellbeing supports effective teaching and learning in the classroom across the school and throughout life.

The staff recognises and celebrates student achievement in all areas of the school and community life and provides welfare structures that meet the academic, social, cultural, physical and emotional needs of the students. We nurture our students to be responsible and self-directed in a happy and safe environment that is conducive to learning.

The school's guiding principles are centered around the word - REACH

Act Safely

Student participation is encouraged in a variety of wellbeing programs to assist in creating an emotional intelligence and reliance to enable our students to cope with the demands and pressures of living in a modern and ever-changing world.

Structure of the Wellbeing Program

Targeted programs 

  • Links to learning
  • Youth connections
  • Junction works
  • Mentoring
  • Individual case management activities

Optional programs

  • Student leadership council
  • Student forum
  • Peer mediation
  • Peer support leadership program

Whole school program

  • Mind matters program
  • Health and wellbeing seminars
  • Year forums
  • Study skills workshops
  • Crossroads
  • Peer support program

Outline of the wellbeing program 

Wellbeing matters workshop

The Wellbeing Matters program involves days for each year group that focus around activities that are relevant to the developmental requirements of the particular year group. For example in Year 8 students focus on issues of bullying and how to deal with and respond to bullying happening to themselves or to others.

Peer mediation and conflict resolution trianing

Year 10 students take part in training which covers the issues of conflict and conflict resolution, anger management, bullying and mediation.


This is available to all students and is run by students who have been trained in Peer Mediation. Peer Mediators work with students who are having issues and assist in reaching solutions and compromises to these in a civilised and mature way.

Peer support

Year 10 students in Term 4 train to be Peer Support Leaders in Year 11 to be big sisters to newly arriving students in Year 7.  The training equips students with leadership and mentoring skills. Peer Support Leaders play a vital role when Year 6 students from the local partner primary schools visit our school.

Student mentoring

Year 10 students who have taken part in the Peer Support Training may apply to be a mentor for Year 7 students. Year 7 students are able to approach the mentors whenever they are having problems and need a peer to talk to.  Mentors are trained to suggest strategies to students and they may help the student refer their issue to a teacher or adviser.

Study skills workshops

Study Skills workshops are held throughout the year for Stage 6 students to help equip them with skills they need to help them with their study routines and understanding the demands of study for the Higher School Certificate.

Anger management and self esteem building

The school uses the services of a range of outside agencies and people to assist students with a little more guidance to help them work through issues and be supported. These services are provided by specially qualified people who work with the school to individualise and assist our students in the best ways that is available.

Links to learning

This is a special program available to Year 9 students aimed at better engaging students into the school setting. The school works closely with a special provider in this program.

The Wellbeing Team

Head Teacher Welfare, Ms Michelle Sparkes

Year advisers

Year 7 Student Adviser,  Maria Riley
Assistant, Mrs Hema Raghanathan (Swami)

Year 8 Student Adviser,  Ms Alicia Hill
Assistant, Mr Peter Sokias

Year 9 Student Adviser, Mr Anthony Dixon
Assistant, TBA

Year 10 Student Adviser, Ms Alexia Kalebic
Assistant, TBA

Year 11 Student Adviser, Ms Taylor Foster
Assistant, Ms Baraa Elkojje

Year 12 Student Adviser, Mrs Marie Bechich

Assistant, TBA



Other wellbeing team members

School Counsellors;  Ms Amy Kelleher, Ms Sany Mehta, Ms Mira Yadav (Head Space)

Careers Adviser;  Ms Mira Dokmanovic

Transition Adviser;  Mrs Diane Sukkar

SLC Coordinator;  Ms Lillian Kim

Peer Support Coordinator; Alexia Kalebic

Aboriginal Students;  Ms Taylor Foster

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