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Dress code

The parents, teachers and students strongly endorse the wearing of the correct school uniform as a means of encouraging a sense of pride within the school community and the personal appearance of the students. Those inappropriately attired should obtain a note from home and present this note to their roll call teacher. Wearing inappropriate uniform will result in contact with parents. Some loan uniforms are available for students who are not in correct uniform.

There is also an expectation that students will wear PE/Sports uniform for PE and sports classes.  This uniform is not to be worn to school.  It must be carried in the student's bag to change into for PE / sport classes.

To ensure a safe environment students should not wear excessive amounts of jewellery or loose clothing. Large hooped earrings are not to be worn under any circumstances. Non-school caps, beanies or hooded jackets are not to be worn. The school navy scarf with the school logo maybe worn in winter.  Below is a pictorial list of school uniform with acceptable shoes that can be worn as part of the uniform. Safety requirements govern the types of shoes that can be worn to school. We recommend proper 'school shoes' as sold in any shoe outlet.

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