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About the Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) Faculty

  Hospitality - Stage 6

The Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) Faculty offers a range of courses that encourage collaboration, communication, creativity, innovation, practical skills and highest personal achievement.  Our courses provide students with opportunities to develop informed understanding and in depth thinking about issues that are relevant to them and those that are related to the society locally, nationally and globally.

Courses in TAS focus on building and extending skills and knowledge in various areas that enable students to become independent, reflective and responsible learners as well as members of the society.  The TAS courses also prepare students for further learning and employment.




  • Technology Mandatory


  • Child Studies
  • Food Technology
  • Information Software and Technology
  • Industrial Technology - Timber
  • Textiles Technology


  • Community and Family Studies
  • Design and Technology
  • Exploring Early Childhood (Non-ATAR)
  • Hospitality - Food and Beverage (VET)
  • Hospitality - Kitchen Operations (VET)
  • Information Processing and Technology
  • Information Technology (VET)
  • Textiles and Design



Jewellery making in Stage 4



  • Promote creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Encourage critical thinking and a reflective mindset.
  • Develop skills and habits of being self directed learners
  • Provide explicit and timely feedback as assessment for and of learning.
  • Model and promote passion for learning to cope with changes and improve quality of life.




  • Integrate technology in the teaching and learning experience
  • Incorporate design thinking and problem solving
  • Encourage students to achieve their personal best
  • Form partnerships with local community and other organisations
  • Engage family participation through Parent Daughter Days


Hospitality – Kitchen Operations – Stage 6

Students have access to a commercial kitchen which includes a range of industry standard equipment.  Students learn how to correctly and safely handle tools and equipment.  Students develop basic methods of cookery to produce a variety of dishes for different types of menus.

Hospitality – Food and Beverage – Stage 6

Students learn how to prepare a variety of food and beverages, including tea, coffee, mocktails and other non alcoholic drinks.  Students will also learn to provide quality service and strategies for effective communication and interaction with customers.

School Café

Students have regular access to the school café to apply skills in setting up, providing service and closing down as specified in the Hospitality Syllabus.  Students will create a range of menus and prepare appropriate food and beverages.  Hospitality students will have direct access to a coffee machine, a wide range of equipment and provide service to staff and students that replicate industry standard.

Specialist Rooms – Textiles and Woodwork Rooms

Students have access to a variety of large and small tools, machines and equipment, including 3D printer, embroidery sewing machines, scan ‘n cut, scroll saws, drop and drag saw, drill press, disc sander and more. Students will learn to problem solve, develop design thinking, follow the design process as they create products and complete projects that are functional, innovative, aesthetic, unique and appropriate to the design brief.



Hospitality - Stage 6

Hospitality - Kitchen Operations

Stage 6

Food and Beverage - Stage 6


Hospitality - Food and Beverage

Stage 6

Textiles Technology - Stage 5

Textiles Technology - Stage 5

School Cafe


School Café